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A supportive community for women business owners & entrepreneurs

Creating space for women business owners to connect

Welcome to our Powher haven


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PowHer Haven is a member’s only online community for women who are launching or growing their business. It is a place where women can come together in a supportive and inspiring space. Entrepreneurs, working moms, remote workers and business owners alike, this is a space for YOU to develop and grow your passions.


Upcoming Events

Connection, Support, Growth, Empowerment

A full list of all upcoming events is available by logging into our member portal. Events include:

  • Morning Coffee & Conversations

  • Co-Working Sessions

  • Evening Socials

  • Educational Workshops

  • Accountability Groups

  • And More!

Join the Movement

Membership includes


Accountability Group

Are you ready to push yourself to the next level? Work smarter, stay focused, set goals & grow your business.

Expert Interviews

Get to know other members. These interviews will provide insight into member professions, find ways to collaborate, and even learn some top business tips.


Throughout the year, we host several business and personal development courses taught by fellow members and guest speakers.


✓ Members are featured monthly in a brief spotlight interview

Other Perks

✓ Access to our community Facebook group

✓ Member-led trainings and workshops

✓ Ability to market yourself & your business

Join our community to get all of these great things & SO MUCH MORE!


Our Core Values



Succeed by being honest, having integrity and building meaningful relationships.

Collaboration & Relationships

Support each other internally and externally. Build and maintain trusting relationships within our membership. Understand needs and aspirations for a long term mutually beneficial connection.


Focus on continuous improvement. Embrace the opportunity to learn. Be passionate about constant improvement and innovation.


We value our membership and aim to spread knowledge, share experiences, make mistakes, express gratitude, validate ideas, and celebrate each other.

Happiness (& Fun)

Follow your dreams and achieve your goals. Seek input, encourage laughter, and remember work is only work if you make it so.

Dana Calcagno

Organizer, Founder


Meet Dana Calcagno, founding member of PowHer Haven and the driving force behind the collective of women who have come together to navigate, connect, grow and thrive. Read more about Dana here.


Together We Rise

Join Our Community

Network with fellow business owners, business coaches, creatives, marketing experts, financial consultants, and a growing group of other professionals.

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